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Raindance Irrigation has installed countless irrigation systems for local businesses, municipalities and school districts. We understand that these projects require reliable irrigation systems. It is crucial for the correct equipment to be installed on your property to ensure long term success and avoid failures. The precise system can save thousands of gallons of water a year. We are the experts in professional irrigation and maintenance


Athletic Fields

We specialize in Athletic fields in the local area. Our knowledge of installing the correct system for the most attractive palying field cannot be matched. We work closely with grounds managers to achieve the best effect of high quality zoning vlaves and rotary sprinklers without any worries for the future. Our scheduling will suit your needs for a proper and timely installation with minimal damage to the playing field.


At Raindance Irrigation, we deal with all technical aspects of water issues. Service is the primary focus here at Raindance. It is our beleif that service and mainteneance require a dedication to customer service. Our goal is not only to service your current needs, but to do so in a manner that provides the highest standards of customer service, quality and client satisfaction. In short, we desire to service your needs for life, and we are poised to deliver.

We have full time irrigation service technicians that only handle repairs, insuring you quick service when needed. Of course, we do fall closing and spring starters every year. We offer repair services at any time you need.

We offer the best products on the market today for your irrigation system.

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