Repairs & Maintenance

Some of our full-time irrigation service technicians concentrate on repairs, insuring you quick service when needed. Our repair services are available any time, and we can do any and all system repairs, such as replacing controllers, repairing heads and valves, and making any system modifications.

  • Replacing a bad clock
  • Replacing a bad valve
  • Replacing a broken or damaged head
  • Finding valves
  • Valve cleanouts
  • Moving heads
  • Moving Valves
  • Raising heads to be higher than plants
  • Lowering heads that are too high
  • Adding heads
  • Splitting a large zone into two smaller zones
  • Adding a zone
  • Expanding a system
  • Repairs to electrical system after lighting
  • Finding and repairing cut wires
  • Adjusting Clock
  • Moving lines around new construction

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